Mr Gavin Pettigrew


Gavin Pettigrew is a Reader in Clinical and Experimental Transplantation at the Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge. His research has focused upon transplant immunology, with particular emphasis on the interaction between alloreactive CD4 T cells and B cells. His laboratory has examined multiple aspects of cellular and humoral alloimmunity, as well as detailing a previously unappreciated role for autoantibody responses in graft rejection. His studies of T cell allorecognition have highlighted that the indirect-pathway CD4 T cell response is surprisingly heterogeneous and described an unusual role for passenger CD4 T cells within a solid organ allograft in triggering autoantibody production from host B cells. This work has been extended to demonstrate that memory passenger lymphocytes within the allograft can markedly augment the conventional alloimmune response in the host, and that host innate NK cell allorecognition is critical for preventing this augmentation.


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