Mr John Casey

John Casey is a Consulant Transplant Surgeon & Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.  He is the Director and Lead Clinician for the Scottish National Islet Transplant Service in Edinburgh, which he helped establish and has now performed 50 successful islet transplants. He is Chair of NHS Blood & Transplant UK Pancreas Islet Task Force and Chair of the NHS Blood & Transplant UK Pancreas Advisory Group. His principal research interest is in islet transplantation and the potential contribution of stem cells to the treatment of diabetes and has several funded research projects including reprogramming of redundant human exocrine tissue to endocrine tissue for transplantation in the treatment of type I diabetes, analysing the alloimmune response to human induced pluripotent stem cells and their differentiated progeny in a humanised mouse model, optimising Islet cell engraftment for long term function, and mesenchymal stromal cells for co-transplantation with pancreatic islets to improve graft function in type-1 diabetes.


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