Prof Ludovic Vallier


Ludovic Vallier is the Professor of Regenerative Medicine at the University of Cambridge and Senior Faculty at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He is a Senior Group Leader at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and director of the Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre human induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC) core facility. He has developed a strong expertise on human embryonic stem cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells by discovering key mechanisms controlling their differentiation and pluripotency. His laboratory studies the basic mechanisms controlling differentiation of pluripotent cells into endoderm progenitors from which the pancreas, lung, gut and liver originate. His overall objective is not only to acquire the knowledge necessary to control differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into specific endodermal cells but also to generate cell types for cell based therapy against diabetes and inherited metabolic disorders of the liver.


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