Collaborative Network

The BETA-Protect collaboration aims to provide definitive evidence for the efficacy of personalised immunotherapies in modulation of the alloimmune response to β-like cellular therapies. The achievement of this aim necessitates the amalgamation of the following expertise and resources:

collaborative network
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  • Expertise in regenerative medicine, transplant immunology and immunomodulation
  • Ability to recreate a competent model of the human immune compartment Ability to create regenerative and immunomodulatory cellular therapies using tissue from the same (and different) donors as used for modelling the human immune system
  • Access to control adult islets (and other tissue) derived from the same (and different) human donors

The BETA-Protect consortium has been specifically assembled to provide this exceptional range of expertise and resources.  Together with rare access to human tissue and novel experimental models, the consortium will design and conduct studies that we believe are very difficult to replicate elsewhere.

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The BETA-protect consortium will collaborate and interact closely with key academic institutions including but not limited to the UK RMP Pluripotent Stem Cell Platform, the UK RMP Immunomodulation Hub, the Cell Therapy Catapult, the Cambridge BRC iPSC Core Facility, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge Biorepository for Translational Medicine and the Scottish Islet Cell Laboratory.